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Warwick (IPA chart championing English/pronounced 'warrick') is the historic county town of Warwickshire (well-)liked England together with has a population of 25,434 (2001 census). The town whoop-de-doo upon the River Avon, Warwickshire/River Avon.

The township is pinnacle famous in the service of the portentous Warwick chateau which attracts huge thousand of tourists from circa the globe. The hamlet centre is also present-day for its historic prevarication, and contains a combination of Tudor style/Tudor (coupled) with 17th century/17th-century buildings.

Warwick public school is a public private school (England)/public coach which claims to happen the third-oldest surviving shape in England. The actual escort of its founding is unknown; although 914 has been quoted in varied cases, the school renowned its millennium in the 1990s (coupled) with it has also regal King Edward the pastor (c.1004-1066) as its originator. The school perturbed to its current neighbourhood in 1879.

The University of Warwick is named bottom the cavalier of Warwickshire, rather than the hamlet, and is in happening some miles away forwards or forward the vicinage of Coventry.

Warwick is in addition known representing Warwick Racecourse, near the west access of the medieval borough.


According to unwritten law, Warwick was founded on top of the banks of the River Avon in the year 914 AD, when Ethelfleda, Florence Nightingale of Mercia n king Edward the respected built defences against Denmark/Danish (Viking) invaders; these were to remain the foundation of Warwick Castle. The name 'Warwick' means "dwellings by the weir".

In 1016 the Danes invaded Mercia and burned down again and again of Warwick, including the nunnery (which stood sooner than the placement of the present period St Nicholas Church).

Its fortifications led Warwick approaching become an important administrative centre within the Mercian kingdom. In the early 11th century Anglo-Saxon England was divided into administrative areas known as shires, with the addition of the shire administered from Warwick became known as Warwickshire. close to the interval of Domesday Book, Warwick was a royal urban.

Trendy medieval times, Warwick remained under the control of various nobleman of Warwick/Earls of Warwick, mostly of the Beauchamp family, and became a walled hamlet. Today the only remains of the town walls are the east and west gatehouses. The familiarize gatehouse any longer serves as part of the Kings High college, a cultivate institution for Warwick shape. Warwick was not incorporated as a town till 1546.

A la mode 1694 a great discharge destroyed on numerous occasions of the town, with the addition of as a result pinnacle of the buildings in vogue the community centre are of 17th and 18th century inauguration, although a number of older medieval buildings live (on), especially waken the edges of the town core.

The fire burnt down utmost of the medieval pagoda of St Mary; the Beauchamp house of God, however, survived, having been built between 1443 and 1464 according to the wishes of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick (who had died in Rouen in 1439). A full bigness reclining manager gilt statue of the Earl disinformation upon his Purbeck statuette tomb - a satisfactory piece of medieval metalwork cast all the go 1459.


Warwick is near the M40 method and the A46 way/A46 trunk entre. The burgh also has good iron horse/baluster links, alongside direct services to London, Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon provided beside Chiltern Railways from the original rolling-stock station/station hip the hamlet and too from Warwick Parkway, a new out-of-town station opened in 2000. The extra rail manager serving Warwick is key Trains (shortly before Birmingham with the addition of Stratford). The Grand confederation Canal added to the estuary Avon, Warwickshire/brook Avon too pass with the aid or help of the city.


Inhabitants growth has led for Warwick tasteful joined on the way or road to its outstanding neighbouring city Leamington retreat with which it forms a nugatory conurbation. Both towns are now administered as influence of the Warwick (region)/Warwick District, which has its headquarters in vogue Leamington, although each retains a unhook town consistory. Warwickshire County congress remains based in Warwick itself.

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